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The World’s First Augmented Reality Trading Operating System & Peer-Driven Publishing Platform.
Vivid Trading Beta Launch

Registrations for Vivid on iOS & Android are now closed.
Congratulations to all Beta testers!

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Vivid Trading
Making you a better trader.
Rethink the way you trade at home and on the go with our first of it’s kind 3D Workspace, and publishing platform.

Vivid Trading is a blockchain based Augmented Reality Cryptocurrency trading and publishing platform. We give users a comprehensive availability of trading pairs, chart windows, indicators, and technical analysis tools in both traditional 2D, and Augmented Reality. A game changer for veteran traders and newcomers alike.

By leveraging our monetized content publishing platform, users can view peer-voted content on trading concepts, and earn Vivid Coins of their own by making great trading focused material. Vivid’s blockchain is fueled by the community, so that the community can be better traders.



Understand your portfolio more accurately with TA indicators and tools.


View as many charts, indicators, and news feeds as you like in 3D space.


Gain insight from peer-proven trading content, create your own and earn Vivid Coin.
Vivid Coin Blockchain

Our custom Blockchain, backed by Masternodes, was designed to give the Vivid Platform ultra fast and near zero cost transactions for it’s rewards system and beyond.

  • Name:Vivid Coin
  • Ticker:VIVID
  • Circulating:3,000,000+
  • Block Time:60 Seconds
  • Block Reward:5 VIVID
  • Reward Distro:80% MN, 20% POS
  • MN Collateral:10,000 VIVID
  • Rewards:POS & MN
  • Yearly Decline:10%
Global Active Nodes
Expansion of the Vivid Ecosystem

May 2014

Our sister AR Company was founded

November 2017

Vivid was Born

May 2018

Project funding sales completed

June 2018

Vivid Main-Net Brought Online

Summer 2018

Beta iOS & Android app launched

Winter 2019

Vivid Publishing and Rewards Launched

Winter 2019

Vivid Beta for Magic Leap Launched

  • November 2017Vivid was Born
  • June 2018Vivid Main-Net Brought Online
  • Winter 2019Vivid Publishing and Rewards Launched
  • May 2014Our sister AR Company was founded
  • May 2018Project funding sales completed
  • Summer 2018Beta iOS & Android app launched
  • Winter 2019Vivid Beta for Magic Leap Launched

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Meet the Crew
Key Quotes about the Project
Justin Mathews
Digital Creative Advisor

One of the most exciting aspects as a trader, is Vivid’s ability to expand my workspace no matter where I am.

Brooks Clifford
Crypto Advisor

I see a lot of deal flow in the space, and very rarely do I see a platform with a useful, working product on the market.

Advertising Partners
Reaching their audience in a new Dimension

Viacoin has a 24 second block time, low transaction fees and a strong 100+ TH/s network.


Stay tuned for additional announcements as we expand our advertising partner network in Augmented Reality.


Stay tuned for additional announcements as we expand our advertising partner network in Augmented Reality.

Want to run a Node but don’t have the time?
Exclusive Node hosting service provided by Blocksolve.
Downloads & Links

Everything from how to store Vivid securely on a desktop wallet, check out status of the global Masternode network, explore the Vivid Blockchain and more.

Frequently Questions

Vivid Coins are the backbone that fuel voting and earning on our Publishing Platform. They will also be used to unlock premium features, remove ads, and access our APIs.

Vivid is first being launched on iOS & Android, with expansion plans to OSX, Windows, and Magic Leap utilizing a singular user account across devices.

Vivid Coins are available to purchase here.

Yes, we are planning to release APIs that will allow developers to access the core services that fuel Vivid, in order to create new products and services.

Vivi is our mascot and core team member. Her experience as an astronaut provides our traders valuable insight as they plan their moon missions through the Vivid Platform.

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