How to Claim Your Vivid Coins

Hello! This is a quick and easy guide to installing the Vivid Wallet for OS X, Windows and how to claim your Vivid Coins.

Step 1

First download the wallet available here and select from OS X, or 64 & 32 Bit Windows versions.

Step 2 (OS X Only)

For OS X users, open the Terminal, and install Homebrew here

Once installed in your Terminal and copy/paste this command, and hit enter:

brew install autoconf automake berkeley-db4 libtool boost miniupnpc openssl pkg-config protobuf libevent

Once this is done installing, the Vivid Wallet will open on your OS X machine.

Step 3

Once your Windows or OS X Wallet is downloaded, you will see several files in the folder, please click on the application file ‘vivid-qt’ to open your wallet.

Step 4

Next, navigate to ‘Settings>Encrypt Wallet’ and click on ‘Encrypt Wallet’.

A pop up window will appear asking you to make a new password. Enter a strong password, write down, and save multiple copies of this password. You will need it to unlock staking, and in the event of a loss of your computer, it will be required to recover your wallet, along with the ‘wallet.dat’ file we made earlier.

Once you are finished with making your password, the wallet will need a short time to process, and will close. Please reopen your wallet after it closes automatically.

Step 5

Now that your wallet has opened, give it some time to download the blockchain and fully sync. This time period may take several minutes at least depending on your connection speed.

Once the wallet is open and fully sync’d, please navigate to ‘File>Backup Wallet’

Please click ‘Backup Wallet’ and a window will appear asking to to Save As. Please Type ‘wallet‘ as the name of the backup file, and save as many copies of this file as you like to at least one or more backup drives in the event of a loss of your computer.

Step 6

Awesome job! Your wallet is now fully secured and backed up!

Now let’s generate a new receiving address where your Vivid Coins will be sent to. Click on ‘Receive’ on the top menu bar of the wallet.

Now that we are on the ‘Receive’ page, navigate to ‘Request payment’ and click. A window will appear showing you a new receiving address for your newly installed Vivid Wallet.

Perfect! In the pop up window you will see a large QR code, a URI code, and an Address. Copy the Address and continue to the next step.

Step 7

You rock! To claim your new Vivid Coins it’s super simple. Just reply to your Vivid Coin claim email with this new Vivid Wallet address you copied. That’s it! Coins will be distributed no later than two (2) days to your wallet by the time you sent the reply.

Note: We only accept replies to the original email that was sent to you.

All coins are distributed 10:1 from the original token as we removed a ‘0’ from our coin supply. Your original purchase value remains unchanged. Example: If you had 1000 Vivid Tokens, you will receive 100 Vivid Coins.

You have until October 1st, 2018 to claim your Vivid Coins. After this point no claims will be recognized. 

Still need help?

Ask questions to our dedicated team on the official Vivid Telegram channel. We are happy to make your claim process as seamless as possible. Thanks for being a part of the Vivid community!

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