How to Set Up A Vivid Masternode in the Cloud

Step 1

Create a Vultr account if not already: Click Here

Add credit and select one of the $5.00/Month Virtual Private Servers. Pick any location you wish and select 64 bit Ubuntu Server 16.04. You can specify hostname and label later in the process.

Step 2

SSH Into your server, if using windows you will need an SSH Client like PuTTY: Download Here

Enter your IP of the newly created VPS in the above box, and press ok to connect.
A certificate warning will pop up, this is normal. Allow.
Login as “root” and grab password from Vultr’s control panel.

Step 3a

Once logged in enter the following command:

wget && sh

And press enter.

This could take 10-20 minutes, we will setup the wallet in the meantime.

Step 3b

Ensure you have the latest Vivid-qt wallet for your OS

Also that you have at least 10,000.01 VIVID in your wallet.

Create a new receiving address and name it MN1.

Copy the address.

Now in the send tab we need to send EXACTLY (No more, no less) 10,000.00 VIVID coin to our newly created address.

You will then see the 10,000 transaction as pending while the network confirms. In transactions you will only see the fee, as it’s a payment to yourself.

Now we need to extract the information we need to setup the masternode.

Open the console >> Tools > Debug Console

Enter the following command:

“masternode outputs”

The result from this query is our masternode txhash and index. Copy this information into a text document.

Next enter the following into console:

“masternode genkey”

Copy this into your text file as well.

So we should have:

VPS IP: (Grab from Vultr control panel) For demo will use
VPS PORT: 38079 (This is the masternode port, this is the same for everyone)
TX: ab61aa093523846893a7bcba2e1a8a875575ec17c9dc8775c8b3a957e9ab4542
Index: 1
Genkey: kNuEKsMEiwy9TJQ88wxx51NSN2pupBu5cbMX5UNGi63WQrq9Dc

All this is used in the masternode config file, and the genkey is used on the masternode VPS.
Go to tools > Open Masternode Configuration File (If this asks for a program to use to launch, select notepad)

Step 3b

Using the data gathered in previous steps this is an example table showing how the data is ordered inside the file. Each column is separated with a space.

Your masternode.conf text file with the above information should look like this.

Save it and restart the wallet.

Do not start the masternode until the VPS side is setup, when it is done, please move forward.

Step 4

If the VPS script does not complete, please reach out for assistance on Telegram.

If it is complete, go back to your VPN console, and edit vivid’s config file to declare that it’s a masternode and to include your masternode genkey.
Easiest editor is nano:

sudo nano .vivid/vivid.conf

Add the following lines:

masternode=(Your Number 0, or 1) (1, meaning yes NOT your index)
masternodeprivkey=(Your)Genkey from wallet steps.

Step 5

Start the node by entering:


And pressing enter.

Check block count with:

vivid-cli getinfo

Press enter.

Allow it to sync all blockss.

Step 6

After 5-10 minutes to allow it to sync up with the network, ensure your wallet is also synced.

Then go to masternodes tab in your wallet and right click on your new masternode, and click Start Alias.

Everything should start successfully.

You can then confirm it’s started by checking the vps command:

vivid-cli masternode status

And press enter.

Congratulations on your cloud based Masternode!

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