Setup Time: 20 Minutes

A step-by-step guide, for a secure Vivid Coin Masternode deployment. Let's get started!


Vivid Coin Wallet

Ensure you have the latest version of Vivid Coin Wallet installed:

10,000 Vivid Coins

You will need 10,000 Vivid Coins (and TX fees) for deploying your node. Buy Vivid Coin here:

Vultr Account

Be sure to first set up an account on Vultr, and enable 2FA.


In order to start we need a virtual server, you can get this service by creating an account on Vultr . Next, in the Products tab (with a “+” sign), add the required server:


We select the necessary server and location, respectively (in fact, the location of the server does not matter, you can choose any location to your taste):


We set the parameters we need:


After the done manipulations we start the server:


In order for the server to start functioning fully, you need to wait 2-3 minutes, and then go to the section with data about the server you selected:


In this section you will find the IP address of your server, the name and password to log in (the name and password are required to perform further commands via the SSH client):


Download and install the SSH client (PuTTY is the best solution in this case. You can download this client by clicking on this link: ). After you have downloaded PuTTY, you need to start it, enter your server’s IP address and open it:


Further, we agree with the certificate request:


Enter the username root , press Enter and enter the password (in order to enter the password, just copy it from the server and paste it into the SSH client window with one right-click (the password in the client window, even after you inserted it, will not be displayed) and press Enter again:


In order to automatically configure the server, we need to execute (enter) the following command: wget && sh and then press Enter. The installation of all necessary components on the server will begin automatically, but this will take a little time (about 20-30 minutes) (we do not close the active client window, but it can be minimized).

So far, all that we need is uploaded to our server, we will set up the wallet. Make sure that you have the latest version of Vivid-Qt wallet installed for your OS, and that its balance sheet contains at least 10000.1 VIVID COIN.

Create a new receive address (“Receive” tab) and name it MN1. Request a payment:


Copy the address:


Open the "Send" tab, paste the address you copied, enter the amount (the amount should be equal to 10,000 coins, no more, no less) and send the coins:


Waiting for confirmation of our transaction network. In this transaction, you will only see a commission, this is due to the fact that you simply redistribute the coins between your wallets:


Open the “Tools” tab - “Debug Console”:


In the command line, enter masternode outputs , press Enter:


The result of this query will be a hash and an index of this transaction (this data must be saved in a notepad):


Next, in the command line, enter masternode genkey , press Enter:


The result of this request will be the key required for further configuration (we also save it in Notepad):


Re-open the tab "Tools" - "Open Masternod Settings File":


To edit this file, use notepad (or, as in our case, the Notepad ++ program which can be downloaded by clicking on this link ). We enter our data (necessarily with a space), and also indicate VPS PORT through the colon immediately after our IP (the port value is the same for all - 38079). We check the data you entered and save the changes:


Open the PuTTY SSH client window (where server configuration should have completed by this time) and enter the following sudo nano .vivid / vivid.conf command , press Enter:


Add the following lines (where masternode = is always 1, and masternodeprivkey = your key):


After that, the key combination Ctrl + X and further pressing the Y key saves the entered data. Press Enter. Next, enter the vividd command (thus we start the server and further synchronization (after entering each command, always press Enter)). We are waiting for about 30-40 minutes. Enter the command vivid - cli getinfo , after which the server will display information about the number of blocks. If the number of blocks on the server coincides with the number of blocks of the network, this means that the data on the server is completely synchronized with the network:


Go to our wallet, open the “Masternody” tab, select our node and launch it. The ENABLED value informs us that the node is running:


And finally, we check the operability of our node. In the PuTTY SSH client window, enter the vivid - cli masternode status command , and if you have done everything correctly, then you will be able to observe the correct status of your node. It looks like this:


At this stage, the launch of the cloud masternode (node) is considered over! Congratulations!

Usually, the first reward for providing your server comes to your wallet no earlier than 6 hours after launching the node. As soon as your node integrates into the chain of all existing nodes, you will receive a reward every 3 hours and 45 minutes (maybe a little longer) in an amount that currently amounts to 3.6 coins!


Detailed information about the time between awards you can find out by clicking on this


This way of mining is very convenient because it absolutely does not require your presence, active (open) wallet and working equipment, and you will easily cover the costs of maintaining the server (about $ 5 a month) with the proceeds from the sale of a part of the mined coins.

A Big Thanks!

This excellent guide was created by Vivid community member @KevinMesh or Kevin!

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